Keyword Discovery - Features

KeywordDiscovery compiles keyword search statistics from over 180 search engines worldwide, to create the most powerful Keyword Research tool.

KeywordDiscovery can tell you the search phrases people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors.

You can take advantage of this information to:

  • Optimize the content of your web pages and your meta tags
  • Maximize your pay per click campaigns
  • Take traffic away from your competitors

Main Features

  1. Huge Keyword Database
    Keyword Discovery collects search term data from close to 200 search engines world wide. Our Historical global Keyword database contains over 32 billion searches of around 600 million unique search terms collected over the last 12 months. Other keyword databases includes: Global Premium keywords, News search terms, eBay searches and Shopping keywords.

  2. Keyword Research
    The main feature of KeywordDiscovery is the popular terms search. This feature provides a list of popular search terms for any given keyword.

  3. Related Keywords
    There may be closely related keywords and search phrases that are relevant to your web site or business that you are not targeting. The Related Search feature provides a collection of popular related search terms for any keyword, helping you broaden your keyword range.

  4. Spelling Mistakes and Common Typos
    The Spelling feature from KeywordDiscovery returns a variety of misspelled search terms for any keyword. Targeting popular keyword misspellings can often increase traffic.

  5. KEI Analysis
    Keyword Effectiveness Indicator is a way to measure how competitive a search phrase is in comparison to other search phrases.

  6. Seasonal Search Trends
    The KeywordDiscovery search data can be displayed in a graphical format to help identify seasonal search trends over the previous 12 months. This data can help you plan marketing campaigns to coincide with traditional peak periods like Christmas or Valentines Day, determine the ideal timing for marketing campaigns, to predict traffic levels during low peak periods like the holidays, or simply to view the change in demand for a product or service throughout the year.

  7. Industry Keywords
    Industry Keywords is a tool that tracks the most popular search terms that drive actual traffic to sites in any selected industry. This data enables you to compare the keywords you are currently getting traffic for, with that of your industry competitors.

  8. Keyword Density
    The Keyword Density tool measures the keyword density of all keywords on any page of any site. The density analysis results include the occurrence, popularity and density of keywords from the page title, links, headings and page body text.

  9. Cross Reference Tool
    The Cross Reference tool can perform a keyword check on your competitor's web site to see the keywords they are using, and compare those keywords to the keywords from your website.

  10. Keyword Filter
    Keywords in projects can be filtered to replace substrings. This tool works like a search and replace function found in any common text editor application.

  11. Domain Research Tool
    Automatically check if popular search phrases are available to be registered as .com or .net domains. This tool cross references keywords with a whois domain database and displays in real time which popular search phrases are available to be registered. Great for finding potential top traffic domains.

    Note: This feature requires an Enterprise subscription.

  12. Manage Keyword Projects
    KeywordDiscovery search results can be organized and saved into projects. Projects can be copied, deleted, renamed, added to, deleted from and exported.

  13. Translation
    KeywordDiscovery features a handy translation tool to translate keywords inside a project. Keywords can be translated to and from the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

  14. Export Keywords
    Projects, search results and analysis results can all be exported in various formats. Formats include Microsoft Excel Document, Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) text file, Google phrase match and Google exact match. Export files can even be emailed directly to your email address!

  15. Import Keywords
    Keywords from an external source can be imported into KeywordDiscovery.Keywords can be imported from a list, or from the meta tags of a URL.

  16. Thesaurus Search
    The Thesaurus search provides a set of keywords and phrases that have similar 'word-sense' to the keyword entered. This feature complements the Related Search feature by looking at a broader spectrum of semantically similar keywords.

  17. Search for Like Terms
    A "like" search performs a fuzzy string match on the keyword or phrase to return similar search terms.

  18. Crawl for Related Terms
    Similar to the related search, a crawl returns a list of related keywords. The crawl feature performs a search for the specified keyword, and crawls the first 100 pages found, then compiles a list of common words.

  19. Retrieve Keywords from Meta Tags
    The "Retrieve meta tags" function imports keywords from a url's keyword meta tag.

  20. Phrase Search
    A phrase search performs a broad match search, which only returns the keyword phrases that match the order of the keywords provided.

  21. Run Keyword Permutations
    Permutation search is a useful tool that searches for terms that contain the set of keywords ordered in different sequences. This is a more restricted and targeted search, and is particularly useful when you are trying to target a specific group of keywords.

  22. Exclude Keyword
    Keyword exclusion prevents the specified keywords from being returned in the results.

  23. Exclude Like Keywords
    Similar to Exclude Keywords, only excludes all similar keywords.

  24. News database
    The news database contains searches performed at major news sites and news portals.

  25. eBay Keyword database
    The eBay database contains searches performed on eBay. This feature helps you optimize for people who are ready to buy.

  26. Shopping Keywords database
    The Shopping database contains searches performed on Online Shopping Site beside eBay such as Amazon,,, etc... This feature helps you optimize for people who are ready to buy.

  27. Global Premium keyword database
    This database contains data that is free from skew and inflation caused by automated rank checkers, crawlers etc.

  28. Search engine market share
    This feature shows the percentage of a keyword's searches performed on the major search engines.

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