Free XML API for tools and websites

This API is ideal when adding a keyword suggestion tool to an existing tool or new to be released tool.
Here are some examples of site and how this can be integrated:

Free Tool and Website API Benefits:

  • FREE, provides top 10 results
  • Make a powerful feature addition to any existing tool.
  • Easy to implement, see the API integration instructions
  • Can be integrated to provide full 1,000 or 10,000 results to subscribed users
  • Part of the Trellian affiliate program, where the link to KeywordDiscovery in the results page can be via your own affiliate tracking code, which earns you 15% ongoing for every subscription ordered via your tool for the life of the account.

Do you have a high traffic website, or already offer other SEO tools, used by webmasters, website marketers or website owners? Then adding this powerful feature can make your own website or tool more attractive for users, at the same time generating a new stream of revenue.

NOTE - Important - Please read before asking for a free API account:

  • Only offered to tools and websites with existing presence and already established user base.
  • Your users need to create a KeywordDiscovery free trial account.
  • Integration into a website/tool requires a secure login environment, where your system would need to request and store KeywordDiscovery users login details.
  • Requires link back to

Only if the above NOTES are accepted and if you have existing KeywordDiscovery login details then contact us to activate your free API.

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