Monthly search counts

A monthly break down of searches can be returned via the parameter 'monthly'. This function works the same way as the single query. A query string containing a search term is sent to the database which returns a list of search term combinations containing the original search term, the total number of searches, the number of monthly searches, and a break down of searches by month.

Note: Monthly searches are limited to 10 results only and are only available on the global premium database. The db and monthly parameters are mutually exclusive, therefore entering a db parameter will result in the monthly parameter being ignored.


Parameter name: monthly
Values: yes


Results are returned as XML. A simple example:

This request is for the monthly break down for the search terms "airport parking".

The XML returned from this query is shown below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<results compact="true" maximum="10" offset="10" query="airport parking">
  <r Jan="120" Feb="126" Mar="840" m="5585" q="airport car parking" t="8047"/>
  <r Jan="1933" Feb="1531" Mar="1290" m="5283" q="newcastle airport car parking" t="7612"/>
  <r Jan="82" Feb="292" Mar="497" m="4342" q="atlanta airport parking" t="6256"/>
  <r Jan="1" Feb="0" Mar="591" m="3752" q="airport parking discounts" t="5406"/>
  <r Jan="43" Feb="281" Mar="530" m="3710" q="stansted airport parking" t="5346"/>
  <r Jan="309" Feb="166" Mar="451" m="3631" q="oakland airport parking" t="5231"/>
  <r Jan="143" Feb="103" Mar="462" m="3573" q="lax airport parking" t="5148"/>
  <r Jan="203" Feb="216" Mar="457" m="3543" q="jfk airport parking" t="5104"/>
  <r Jan="44" Feb="39" Mar="165" m="3325" q="los angeles airport parking" t="4791"/>
  <r Jan="130" Feb="145" Mar="503" m="3250" q="heathrow airport parking" t="4682"/>

Note: Only 3 months are shown in this example, however the query will show results for each month

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