Keyword Discovery - FAQ

What does KEI mean?

KEI stands for Keyword Effectiveness Indicator and is designed to measure and quantify the quality and worth of search terms. This is done by correlating the number of times a keyword is searched for, with the number of pages on which it occurs. The KEI value is 0 to 10. It is similar in principal to the Richter scale commonly used to measure earthquakes and this is a good way to think about the figures. The most effective keywords will be those with a high KEI value. Such terms are typically searched for often, but appear on a small number of pages.

When using KEI, keep in mind that KEI is only a basic measurement and should not be used solely to meaure keyword effectiveness. Tools such as SEO Toolkit also check the other more important criteria, such as intitle, inanchor, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, PI Rank and the number of competing PPC ads on both Google and Yahoo.

For more information about KEI, see the Keyword discovery KEI tour page.

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