Keyword Discovery - FAQ

How is the daily predicted figure calculated?

  1. First we convert our total number of searches in our premium database yearly figures into a daily figures. Assuming we have around 4.3 billion searches over the past 12 month in our Premium database, we simply divide this total number of searches by 365
    e.g.: 4.3 billion / 365

  2. Then we work out our sample size multiplier, based on the sample size of our database verses the estimated daily number of searches in US or globally.

    Here we take predicted search volumes from reliable source like, Comscore, Neilsen netratings, Hitwise, and As these sites release latest search volumes on a monthly basis, the number we use in our predicted daily formula is also updated on a monthly basis.

    For example, assuming that there were around 225 million daily searches in the US last month, we can work out the multiplier by:
    4.3 billion / 365 / 225 Million = Multiplier

  3. Finally we apply the current multiplier to provide the predicted daily search figure.
    For example, a search phrase that had 10,000 searches over the last 12 months, the formula would look like this:


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