Keyword Discovery Quick Guide

Searching for keywords

1. Click on the Research button.
Click the Research button tern

2. Enter a search term in the Term field. The search terms can be in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch and Italian.
Enter a search tern

3. Select the number of results to be displayed per page from the drop down menu
Select the number of results

4. Click the Search button. The searches column displays the number of searches for the keyword over the last 12 months for Global premium and the regional databases. Overture databases display searches figures based on the last 30 days. The historical global database displays search figures from June 2005.
Number of searches over the last 12 months

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Analyzing the results

The keyword research tool will return the keywords listed by the number of searches in descending order. To display further information about the keywords, click the Analyze button in the toolbar, or the button underneath the results.

Analyze button

Additional Columns

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To display various charts of the searches, click on the chart icons next to the searches column. The chart type can be changed between historical (shows weekly data), monthly and trend. The market share chart shows the percentage of searches performed on various search engines. All chart data is from the global premium database.

Sasonal trends graph


Projects are lists of keywords that can be saved for later use. To display the project manager, click the Projects button in the toolbar. A default project exists for each user and cannot be deleted. Trial users are limited to a single project, standard users are limited to 20 projects, and enterprise users are unlimited. Projects are limited to 10,000 keywords, except for trial users who are limited to 10 terms.

Project Tools

Creating a new project

To create a new project, click the New button. Enter a name for the project in the popup window then click OK.

Selecting a project to work with
To view or select a project, click the project's name. The currently selected project name and the number of keywords in the project are displayed at the top right of the page.

Adding keywords to a project
To add keywords and their associated data to a project:
1. Perform a search
2. Select a project from the Target project list (top right corner)
3. Select the keywords you would like added to the project by ticking the checkboxes next to the keywords in the search results. Alternatively, the Select All button can be used to select all keywords from the current page.
4. Click the Add to Project button to add the selected keywords to the project.
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Exporting keywords

To export the list of keywords and their associated data from a search, click the export button in the toolbar, or underneath the results.
Export button

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More information

More detail is available in the Keyword discovery manual.
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A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available at

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