WordTracker® Cross Grade Offer

If you are a current WordTracker® yearly subscriber, we know that every dollar counts in SEO and that is why we are happy to provide a 30% discount * on our yearly subscription price.

For only $419.58 for a full 12 months coverage, that is only $34.96 per month in comparison to the standard $69.95 per month rate. An amazing saving for current WordTracker registered yearly subscribers.

Why would you also order a KeywordDiscovery Subscription?

Simple, KD and WT obtain keyword data from different sources, making each tool valuable to cross check popular terms and also look for terms that are region based, as each one may contain terms not covered in the other.

Plus these are the main distinguishing benefits of KeywordDiscovery:

  • 12 months historical data, ability to track seasonal trends before they start
  • Industry Keywords to identify what keywords drive the most traffic to your competitors.
  • 32 billion unique search terms, WordTracker have 300 million
  • We have keyword data in other languages, such as Spanish, Dutch, Polish etc...
  • Keyword Density Tool - Identify real keywords used on any URL - easy to harvest keywords that competitors use on their websites

All these additional benefits plus at an amazing discount.
subscribe now to keywordDiscovery and save.

* Please note:

  • Cross grade offer is available only for new subscriptions.
  • Cross grade offer discount is applicable only for a single 12 month period per user.
  • Proof of WordTracker Subscription is required. Please include with your order in the space provided your wordtracker confirmation email including the "email header" and email details upto and including your wordtracker username.
  • NOTE: We do not require your account Password, so no need to include the password details, only the username is required for proof of purchase.